Crezart is essentially an online facility,providing many quality ' step by step ' tutorials to show the techniques, methods and the tools,to assist and help develop improve the skills for modelling figurines in sugar paste.For the passionate Cake Decorator,Crezart is designed at all levels of learning.I believe i have not only pioneered, but lead a trend in this industry,in the building and design construction of sculptures, that do not require the use of internal supports, thus not only preventing damage to the models,but more importantly reduces any risk to the consumer.The libraries are a beautifully presented ' step by step' in still photography,expressing a fun,and easy way to learn, with a creative approach in helping you build your themes.Catering for the novice through to the more skilled,Crezart showcases many tutorials and galleries of creative works hoping to inspire your creativity.The tutorials are also regularly being updated and new ones added,they include a comprehensive study of the 'fundamentals' that teach you the all important building blocks, and each of the individual body parts that are needed, and much more.The subscription to the tutorials by an annual sunbscription of a low AUS$9.99, processed through will need to click on the SUBSCRIBE button and log in and create an account.Once you have opened a tutorial,please wait a few moments before the pictures become inter-active,thank you.I hope you enjoy and are inspired, and helps you in your journey forward to creating your special themes. thank you. john